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 Self Mastery Workshops and Retreats

Journey to Zion: The Clear Reflection of Nature - May 3rd to 7th  2017 authentic voiceA four day personal and spiritual intensive in the beauty of Zion National Park in southern Utah. Utilizing the principles of the Four Agreements, Gary van Warmerdam will facilitate work on the levels of the mind, emotions, and spiritual. We begin Wednesday evening  7 pm and finish by noon on Sunday.  This will allow you enough time to catch flights out of Las Vegas and make it home that evening   We will be spending the majority our time outdoors in Zion National Park for these processes complimented with evening class indoors. Fee:$425 Price does not include lodging. Hotel rooms have been reserved and are available on a first come first served basis. Follow this link for details on Spiritual Intensive in Zion National Park   Spiritual Journey to Ancient Mexico: October 15th - 21st 2017 authentic voiceIn this powerful process we utilize spiritual practices from many traditions with the intent to leave behind self limiting fear based beliefs and create the experience of unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves and our relationships. By my experience these intensive Journeys are the fastest way for a person to create life changing shifts in a few short days. See Spiritual Journey for more details. Location:Teotihuacan Mexico; located 45 miles from Mexico City. It is the site of the largest pyramids in the western hemisphere. Fee $1,295: Package price includes hotel, entrance fees, meals, teachings, and transportation to and from the Mexico City airport.   Airfare to and from Mexico City is not provided.   North Carolina Outer Banks: Dates TBD An Intensive Retreat opportunity covering 7 days where you create the schedule that works for you. We will delve into issues as diverse as letting go of old beliefs, emotional reactions, changing dynamics in relationships, and issues of food exercise, and beliefs about your body. Bring to the process the issues you want to change and we will apply tools that I have been effectively using for the past 20 years of personal change. More about this Personal Intensive   For other events please check the event listings at