Hope for Changing the Suffering of Humanity

When you consider that the suffering of humanity is because we are trapped in our limited fear based beliefs of self importance and ego it is the changing of these beliefs that is the solution to human suffering.  In the beginning the idea of changing beliefs seems like such a simple one.

As you become more awakened towards an enlightened state of consciousness, it becomes increasingly apparent how challenging the process of changing beliefs actually is.  You can look at the challenge of people in humanity changing their collective beliefs and the problem is much bigger than you thought.  And at the same time, because you are more aware, you are more hopeful and positive about it than ever before.

This is one of those paradoxes where conflicting ideas are both true.  Yes it is a much more challenging than I ever considered and I am more optimistic about the possibility than I ever was.   The Truth often seem to make no sense this way to the limitations of linear logic and reason.




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