Gratitude Meditation: Thank You Life

Gratitude Meditation: Thank You Life

If we don’t feel gratitude it is because we take things for granted

Gratitude Meditation mp3 (24min)

This gratitude meditation is part of the Self Mastery Audio Program. When we no longer take life for granted we become grateful for everything that we have. Assuming that we are entitled to anything in life robs us of our awe at the opportunity to be grateful.

I recall a friend of mine ( client ) calling up one day struggling with the notion of death. A friend of the family was in the final stages of cancer and was going to be passing on soon. She asked me, “Why Death?”

We talked for some time and after she had made some peace with the specific issues that were troubling her I asked her, “Why Life?” Why do we get to have this experience at all? We weren’t promised any deal. We aren’t owed this opportunity to create experiences. No one was under any obligation to deliver us any particular deal in this realm. And yet we are here. A wide-open opportunity to wake up and do something completely different every day. Every day, every moment even, an opportunity to create something in our life. We might just use the gift of every day to recreate it like every other day. Or, one day, we might not. One day we might look at it a little differently and do something completely different.

What is so different for me these days than the days of old is a profound sense of gratitude for the simplest things in my life? Why have I been blessed with so many gifts and so many moments of opportunity to experience them? My logical mind has no idea. But I will not waste my opportunity today struggling with that question. There may not be many days left so I will savor the ones I have with gratitude. When you are aware that death is coming you no longer take life for granted.

The following is not part of the gratitude meditation. It is something that I wrote at another time and has its own message.

Thank you Life

Thank you for this breath
Thank you for this inhale
Thank you for this exhale
Thank you for this Life

Thank you Heart
Thank you for this pounding
Thank you for this pulsing
Thank you for this Love

Thank you feet
Thank you for this walk
Thank you for this run
Thank you for the Dancing

Thank you Eyes
Thank you for the Sunrise
Thank you for the Sunset
Thank you for all the Colors

Thank you Ears
Thank you for The Music
Thank you for the Rhythm
And Thank you for the Stillness

Thank you Hands
Thank you for the Caressing
Thank you for the Clapping
And Thank you for the Holding

Thank you Mouth
Thank you for the nourishment
Thank you for the Wine
Thank you for the Kisses

Thank you Nose
Thank you for the Flowers
Thank you for the Pines
Thank you for the Sniffles

Thank you Arms and Shoulders
Thank you for the Carrying
Thank you for the Burdening
And Thank you for the Hugging

Thank you Voice
Thank you for the Expression
Thank you for the Word
Thank you for the Gift of Creation

Thank you for this Day
Thank you for the Light
Thank you for the Stars
Thank you for the Night

Thank you Self
Thank you for the Laughter
Thank you for the Play
Thank you for You

Thank you for the Emotions
Thank you for the Joys
Thank you for the Tears and Sorrows
Thank you for the Richness

Thank you for the Abundance that is.
Thank you for the Abundance that is given.
Thank you for the so many experiences and so many things
Thank you for this Dance.

Thank you Life

Gary van Warmerdam

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