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I was listening to a group of people talking the other day.  In this particular group the tendency was to drink alcohol in a self abusive way.    They were mostly talking about what they do when they lose control of their emotions.

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When we lose control,, buy Librium from mexico, Librium maximum dosage, , what is it that then has control?
When this “other thing” then has control, Librium dosage, Rx free Librium, ,, Librium pics, Generic Librium, , where are we?

Where did we go and what are we doing  when this “other thing” has control of us?”

Things I think about.

This post originally published at  What happens when we Lose Control  a website with guidance for spiritual warriors based in the Four Agreements, Librium pictures. Online buying Librium,

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"Think for your self"    we are told....

It's a thought that we got from someone else.



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How do make personal changes in your life?

Buy Niravam Without Prescription, Sometimes making changes in your beliefs, emotions, relationships, and elsewhere in your life is counter-intuitive.

When you are riding a bicycle,,, how do you turn the bike to the right?   You turn the handlebars to the left.    How do you change the negative thoughts in your head?   We'll maybe you get the best results in a similar way.  Don't try to push more positive ones on top of them.  Sometimes when you do you end up going in a negative direction.

Turning the handlebars to the right in order to turn the bike to the right makes logical sense if you aren't aware of the other factors like the gyroscopic effect of precession.   Don't know what you are doing when it comes to changing your beliefs or emotional reactions and you are likely to end up goring in the wrong direction.

The Self Mastery Course can help steer you in the right direction.  Some of the things might seem counter-intuitive, but they will make more sense when you have more awareness of how belief systems operate.

Originally posted at Making Personal Changes, a resource for living by the Four Agreements.


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