About Gary

Something About Gary van Warmerdam

My journey started because I wanted to be happy no matter what. My job had left me burned out and disillusioned. My relationship had left me insecure, hurt, and afraid to trust myself in another one. When I met don Miguel Ruiz I was not looking for a mentor or a Spiritual Guide. I had too much self importance to realize that I needed one. I did have the awareness to notice that I could learn a lot from him. Because of don Miguel’s humble and normal world appearance it took me a few months to realize the extraordinary way of life he had to offer. I have been studying with don Miguel Ruiz intensely since 1994. I didn’t just read his books, I spent a lot of personal time with him at countless workshops, retreats and other events.


The first years of my journey with don Miguel Ruiz were focused on my own personal transformation. I traveled with him on countless journeys to sacred places in Mexico, the island of Bali and the great pyramids of Egypt. Those experiences took me on a journey beyond the illusions of beliefs and into the emotions of great love, and a compassionate understanding of humanity.

Years ago I thanked don Miguel once again for all his gifts and asked him if there was anything I could do for him. By the time I finished the question I knew it was silly. Don Miguel shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. He answered with what we both knew. He was completely happy and in love with life. There was nothing more one could want. But then he planted a seed. He said, “If you really have that much gratitude, and you want to give something then go share with other people. Share with them the benefit of what you have learned so they can be happy if they want to.”

My time with don Miguel since then has been focused on studying how he teaches. I wanted to know how he communicated on multiple levels to create understanding and transformational experiences for people. I would study the details of his word choices for the sake of clarity. I sought to understand his perspective in answering a question, the depth of his faith, his handling of power, and most importantly to match the level of his unconditional love.

I have done other things in my life, but they are completely unimportant. A hundred years from now no one will remember them. But perhaps during my brief visit to this world something that I share will help others to be happier in their life. This is the path that has heart for me.

I currently teach the Toltec Wisdom (best translated as common sense and unconditional love) full time throughout the country through seminars and mentoring individual clients. I also lead intensives retreats and journeys to Mexico and other places. I guide individuals out of the trappings of their fears and limiting beliefs to freedom from judgment and emotional suffering. I have created an on line program of powerful exercises I call the Self Mastery series available on my other website Pathway To Happiness.com.  Since then I have added a Relationship Course, and Advanced Course, a session on releasing emotions, and audios from my events. If a person can not attend an event, for a a reasonable price they can still practice the same exercises, ceremonies, and gain insight from the discussions and teachings through downloading the mp3 audio.

I bring a background of practical living to blend with the process of transforming ones personal life to live in happiness and love. I was educated as a Mechanical Engineer, served as a Naval Officer, and worked in corporate management. I understand the challenges of living in a world of chaos, deadlines, and personalities, while at the same time seeking spiritual awakening and emotional integrity. It is not easy. But the alternative of not trying was not acceptable to me.

With awareness we can live in this apparently chaotic world while having peace and harmony within our self.

If I can do it, then you can do it.

Gary van Warmerdam