A Gift that Fulfills You

A Gift

What creates your happiness is your love coming out of you.

We search and yearn for something to fulfill us but what is it?
It was years ago, and I was sitting with a couple warriors and a man who was attending a power journey. He seemed to be a very happy man and had his life very well in order. He was quite wealthy and contributed his money to different organizations and charities. He enjoyed doing so.

He sat about and wondered what he should do with his life. He seemingly had it all. At the time I did not have the awareness and clarity that I do now. At the time I saw a very nice man doing very well, very generous, and that had his life in a nice order. What I didn’t notice was that he was still looking. He was wondering what he should do, or create. What I didn’t notice was that he was not satisfied and fulfilled.

If I were to see that man today, I know what I would recommend to him. I would suggest to him that he express and experience all the love from his heart. When you experience all your love coming out of your heart you stop searching. You have found what you are looking for.

The greatest gift you will ever experience is the Love you express.

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