The Day of the Last Judgment

Judgment Day

Beyond the Opinions of Right and Wrong is Heaven

Judgment Day Is When You Judge Your Self For the Last Time
In the Mystery schools around the world there are similar themes of a Judgment Day. Often it is interpreted to mean the end of the world. Perhaps it means something else.

In Egypt the story is told in hieroglyphics of the pharaoh on the day of his last judgment. He stands before the 40 judges and his heart is weighed against a feather on a balance scale. If his heart is lighter than a feather he may pass through and enjoy the paradise of the next life with Isis and Osiris.

In the Christian Mystery school there is a similar view of being born again. After being born again the world will be completely brand new. If we studied the mythologies around the world we would find similar themes. So often this theme is interpreted as meaning that the body has to die in order to live in the “next world”. So often this is a mistake. Rumi writes of this world when he says, “There is a field out beyond right and wrong. I will meet you there.”

The Last Judgment is when you judge yourself for the last time. From that moment forward your life begins brand new. You will no longer see yourself or the world the same way. You no longer look to see if someone is right or wrong, or to be right or wrong. Your mind is once again child like in its purity. The way it was before it learned to judge itself with ideas of being bad or good.

Childlike does not mean being innocent. We have garnered too much experience for that. It does mean that we are wise. Wisdom is in that field beyond the knowledge of right and wrong. In that field the heart flourishes because it is not busy with being right or afraid of being wrong. Wisdom is the awareness that love and compassion are the only righteous answers. Wisdom is the field where Rumi stands waiting for us.

On the practical side, when we go to deal with our inner voice of judgment, we find that it can be a tricky force. To stop our judgments we must be come aware of them in order to change them. As soon as we notice ourselves in judgment, we tell ourselves we shouldn’t do that. And what do you know, our inner judge has judged us for our judgments. The inner judge then just might go further and judge ourselves for judging ourselves for our judgments. The inner judge, as ridiculous as it is, can stack these up until we forget how it started.

My favored approach to dealing with this judge of nonsensical logic is to laugh. Seriously, laugh. Try it. When you really see the silly nature of the inner judge, it’s hard not to. Don’t take your judgments, or yourself, too seriously. Instead, be child like and laugh. This will bring you closer to being born into a brand new world. Like a child, without the weight of judgments your heart will be lighter than a feather.